Personal Loan

Are You Facing a Shortfall in Your Personal Cash Flow?

Our personal loan in Singapore will help you deal with any unexpected financial situations in your daily life. We will be able to grant you the instant cash you need conveniently. And you can repay this cash loan over a few months.

Basically a personal loan in Singapore is also commonly known as an unsecured loan. This loan type is to grant you fast cash over a short period of time to deal with unexpected expenses such as traffic summons, car repairs or medical bills. As you will need this money loan urgently, you may not have the luxury to borrow it from a bank which will run numerous credit checks before approval.

Additionally, depending on the amount borrowed, the bank will take even more time to grant the loan. And if it is regarded as a small loan to them, they may reject it due to low profitability. In such instances, you should turn to a licensed money lender in Singapore for a cash loan. Its short-term repayment schedule is usually flexible and ranges from daily, weekly or monthly.

At GALAXY ONE CREDIT, we are committed to providing easily accessible credit to all customers without any bias. We appreciate that emergencies can arise any time and our customized loan Singapore packages are designed to offset short-term monetary needs. We understand that urgent financial needs can occur in the middle of the month when payday is a week or two away.

We are one of the top licensed moneylenders with years of experience in the financial industry, making us one of the best alternative to traditional banks. Our team of financial advisors is always ready to provide clients with information that will help them make the right decisions.