Foreigner Loan

Foreigner Loan for Expats, Maids / Domestic Helpers and Foreign Workers in Singapore

If you are a foreigner working in the country, we appreciate that at times meeting financial needs can be tricky. At GALAXY ONE CREDIT, we are committed to making your stay here much easier through our flexible foreigner loans. You might be experiencing financial difficulties before the next paycheck and our loan products can come in handy. If you are on contract, your pay might delay leading to financial constraints in a foreign country.

We understand how inconvenient borrowing money is from your family while working in a foreign country can get. Our mission is to provide an alternative credit option to keep you going before the next paycheck comes in. Working in a foreign country is hard enough and when facing financial difficulties life can become unbearable. You might not have friends to borrow from and our foreigner loans are the best choice.

At GALAXY ONE CREDIT, we have helped thousands of expats to access easy financing over the years. Our loan products are customized to fit every client’s unique needs and this makes us one of the most recommended licensed moneylenders in the country. Whether you are on a short-term or long-term contract, we have a loan product to suit your needs.